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Ashley Druve

@runnershabit is a 45 year old married father of three young children. In December 2015 Ashley woke up on the floor of his office, later that day in hospital he was informed he had stage IV NET cancer. Since then Ashley has been undergoing treatments and continuously striving to return to a level of running he enjoyed before cancer.

After life saving surgery in 2015 to remove as many tumors as possible, Ashley set the goal to run another Ultra, learning to walk again was the 1st step. Ashley has Neurological Endocrine Cancer (a rare cancer) and has tumors in his Liver, Bones, Intestine and the nerves that control his Heart. He said “they don’t count the number of tumors anymore.” He has been through many medical trials and but the cancer continues to progress. He feels taking part in these experimental trails is his contribution to society and will hopefully help others in the future.

Ashley ran an Ultra Marathon in Australia just six weeks after a surgery in 2016. He said it was hard and slow but he finished and presented the race number to his surgeon. That number proudly hangs in the surgeon's office. The surgeon told him that if all of his clients pushed as hard as Ashley does then he would be out of a job.

In late 2017 Ashley underwent a new experimental Intravenous Radiation Therapy. His body reacted poorly and stopped producing white blood cells. Returning to a level of fitness that allowed him to run has been the most difficult thing he have undertaken.

This year Ashley and his wife decided to sell or donate everything so that their family can travel around Australia. Ashley says that outside of coaching athletes (what he does professionally) he loves exploring and running. He used to travel a lot with work so he says this is a great opportunity to get close to the adventures with his wife and kids and teach his children about Australia.

When Ashley runs he does not feel like a cancer suffer, just another runner enjoying the trails. Running long is a great escape from the grasp of cancer.


Heather Borsellino

Heather Borsellino has a passion for trail racing that has positivity affected all aspects of her life. After a successful year in 2016, as the OUTRace 50k Series Champion, she went on to race her 1st 100 miler in 2017 and finished as the 4th female. Her love of the sport has been paired with her writing. She has published 3 articles in UltraRunning Magazine online documenting her journey through trail running. Look for her latest article in their printed magazine for May/June 2017, on Re-defining the DNF. She was selected as 1 of 30 women who attended the Wilder Running & Writing Retreat in Caldera, Oregon with Lauren Fleshman and travelled to North Carolina to train in the mountains with Sally McRae. Although she continues to race nationally and internationally, Heather is now focusing on coordinating all the many facets of Happy Trails Racing. Her education of design and marketing paired with her experience in programs and event management makes her role at Happy Trails Racing very fulfilling one with the community events and initiatives that have been launched this past year


Annie Weiss

Annie Weiss is a registered dietitian and ultra-endurance athlete living and training in Milwaukee, WI. She is a sponsored athlete/ambassador for Pjur Active, lululemon, Swiftwick Socks, AltraRunning, SPOT, First Endurance, and Fluid Nutrition. Annie just completed the FKT on the Ice Age Trail spanning 1200mi breaking both the men’s and women’s record. Follow her training/racing on Instagram: ani_weiss and Facebook: Ani Weiss.


I couldn’t run 1 mile, I know because I tried to after reading Ultramarathon Man in 2013. By early 2015 I weighed 200 pounds, had extremely high blood pressure and cholesterol levels where the doctor was about to put me on Lipitor. My stress levels were off the charts and then I broke my ankle. Then my dad almost died of a heart attack. It was the catylist to change everything for me. I changed my diet, lost 50 pounds and ran for the first time beyond 1 mile. September 15th, 2015 was sort of the date of my second birth and I try to celebrate this as my running birthday every year with a big race.

I’m a sponsored athelte, but promise you I’ll never win a race. My goal is to inspire people to run. They see me, a fairly normal guy and see themselves in a way. I’m not some super athelte, they see me as a reasonable goal for themselves. I imagin people saying to themselves, “Oh that guy can run an ultra, maybe I could too” - it plants the seed of possible. I’m relatable, I work full time and I’m married with two kids.

In all this change, I decided to take a picture during most of my training runs. It turned into Training For Ultra on Instagram and people were inspired by it. I started a podcast and it continued to have a unique way of inspiring people to run. So my final push for now is writing a more detailed account in a book that comes out in March 2019 - Training For Ultra, Ultra Running Stories From the Middle of the Pack. My goal, as it has been all along, it to inspire people to run.


Ian Crafter

Ian Crafter is from Australia. He has completed over 13 Ironmans, including most recently Ironman World Championships in Kona. He has also competed in Multistage ultramarathon events in Australia and Vietnam. Ian didn’t start competing in endurance events until his early 50’s. He is the epitome of what perseverance, grit and a positive attitude can accomplish. You can find Ian most Saturdays enjoying running 5k at the ParkRun in Dubbo, Australia

ellie greenwood.jpg

Ellie Greenwood

Ellie is a a Brit-turned-Canadian who took up long distance running by participating in an running store marathon clinic in Vancouver in 2002. Since then Ellie has completed over 60 marathons and ultra marathons, with career highlights including two IAU World 100k wins, a win at Comrades marathon (89k) - the worlds oldest and largest ultramarathon, and two wins (including a course record) at Western States 100 miler in California. Since 2014 Ellie has worked full time as an online ultrarunning coach for runners of all abilities and all over the world ( Ellie's running journey is generously supported by HOKA, CLIF, Drymax, Sundog Eyewear, Flora Health and Stoked Oats. Photo Credit: Folk & Wild


Aaryn Mcinnes-Riccadonna

Adventure seeking 44yr old strong willed, positive, free spirited Canadian woman with Scottish roots.

Aaryn is 100% committed to being present and active as a mother and wife while maintaining a positive relationship with work and training. She began running on a treadmill in Milan, Italy as part of a daily fitness regime in 2003. Shifted to running Ligurian region coastal roads and ancient footpaths in 2006 upon moving to Camogli, IT. Discovered a passion for distance running while living there with her husband, traveling between the towns along the Ligurian coastline, without any real training method.

First running event entered was the Maratona di Milano, fully undertrained, but completed in 2007. Upon moving to the GTA in 2008, she continued to train &complete every local marathon and 1/2 marathon available, repeating in subsequent years following until becoming bored, when she moved her training onto the local trails and focused on ultra distances a year after giving birth to her child, in 2012. Since then she has completed (and DNF’d) numerous 50’s, 100’s, and more. Most recently attempted Tor Des Geants 330km but was unfortunately pulled out near 200km by medics with bronchitis.
While speed and heart rate monitors have never been her motivation, Aaryn continues to run by how she feels and enjoy the process. Current adventure goals include more mountains, altitude, technical terrain, and running longer distance events


Catra Corbett

Catra is the author of the new book: Reborn on the run

The memoir shares her journey of overcoming addiction to becoming an accomplished ultra runner, having run over one hundred 100 mile events in her career.

She is the current record holder for an out and back (Yo Yo) on the John your trail 424 miles 12 days four hours 57 minutes, one of only a handful of people who have run 100 miles or more 100 times.

Only female finisher to finish San Diego 100 x 10

Finisher of Marathon des sables 150 mile stage or through the Sahara desert, the grueling Badwater 135 mile race through death valley.

Has run through the Ohlone wilderness 100 to 200 miles 13 times.

Ran 100 miles through Yosemite national Park two times. Only person to have run 100 miles and rock climbed a nine pitch rock climb at mile 57 finishing 100 miles in 38 hours in Yosemite national Park.

Has finished Big Foot 200, Tahoe 200, and Moab 200 and currently doing the Triple Crown of 200 milers this year.

She lives in Bishop, California and can be found running the trails with her beloved TruMan.

You can follow her on Instagram dirtdiva333.

You can reach out via email at to purchase a signed copy of her book: Reborn on the Run and it is available online on iTunes and Amazon.

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Derrick Spafford

Derrick Spafford is a lifelong runner who currently specializes in trail, mountain, ultra and snowshoe running. Highlights of Derrick’s career include the Yukon Arctic Ultra (2nd place finish), Rock and Ice Ultra (2nd), Haliburton Forest 100 (1st and 2nd, with the second fastest time ever run), in addition to many expeditions. He also has a running streak of not missing a day of running since December 25, 1989.

Derrick owns Spafford Health and Adventure which offers running coaching, online sales of Dion running snowshoes and other trail running gear, and organizes trail and snowshoe races.

Derrick is sponsored by La Sportiva, Suunto, Julbo, Elevate Me Bars, Endurance Tap and Petzl. For more information about Derrick, please visit Listen Here


Tara Norton

Tara Norton is a former professional triathlete, NCCP multi-sport coach at Team Atomica and mom, with a new passion for ultra-distance races.

A 21-time Ironman finisher, Tara has competed at the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii six times with a best 12th place overall finish. She broke the Ironman Lanzarote bike course record in 2008 and it stood for 10 years, has an Ironman personal best time of 9:32 and has over 25 top-10 finishes in long course races as a professional triathlete.

Tara was 2nd female at the 2016 Ultraman Hawaii World Championships in a time of 27:56:49. Tara has competed in 50 km and 50-mile trail races as well as the Doxa Threelay 258kms relay as the first female soloist and the 5-day Transelkirks trail run.

Tara also loves to rock climb and go on adventures with her 6 year old daughter Maya


Debbie Bulten

My name is Debbie Bulten, and I am a multi-sport endurance athlete, a business owner, and a mother of three.

My running journey started when I was 25, as a means to stay fit after the birth of my first child. I completed my first marathon in Toronto that year, and it took me an embarrassing long amount of time. But I was hooked on running. I competed in my first triathlon in 2002, which kick started my journey into Ironman triathlon. I competed in 12 Ironman races, during which time I began training for ultramarathons. I found a passion for endurance sports. My first ultra distance race was in 2011 – from there I went on to run the Canadian Death Race, the Georgia Death Race, numerous 100 mile races, and all distances in between. Most recently, I have run two 200-mile races.

I have enjoyed a long career that has spanned 2 1/2 decades. I was the first female to complete a 200 mile trail ultra in Canada, and I’m currently on a bid to climb the Seven Summits, the highest mountain peak on each continent around the world. I decided to climb the Seven Summits because I thrive on challenges that engage both mind and body, and I strive to push the limits of my own potential in my endeavours. Through endurance sport, I try to show myself and others that we are capable of more than we think, and the potential of our bodies and minds can be realized when we put ourselves out there.

When I’m not training, racing or climbing, my solace is my family. I have three children, two daughters and a son. My two girls are in University (U of T and Brock) and my son is in high school in grade 10. Listen Here


Amber Kornikow

I have been a Registered Nurse for 21 years and
I am 43 years old. Age has never stopped me from taking on challenges. The harder the better; must be the fighter in me as you will learn.

I started boxing at 27 years old. An opportunity was suggested to try boxing.

I trained hard everyday, even trained 2 to 3 times a day.
Over time, I became a 2007 and 2008 Canadian National Boxing Champion. I was on the Canadian Women's National Boxing team for 2 years. In 2008, I represented Canada at the Women's World Boxing Championship in Nigbo City, China. I was consider the oldest boxer at the World's. Old? Who had said 34 was old? I didn't!
I won a bronze medal and was ranked top 3rd boxer in the world.
It was one of my most memorable experience: standing on the podium, looking proudly at the Canadian flag, I had no thoughts, it was all heart. Time had stopped, this was, a true sense, of being in the moment.

And also, not everyone can say this, I had the opportunity to spare Justin Trudeau!

Amazing what can happen when you take an opportunity and make it yours!

In 2010, I started running Ultramarathons. My first race was the Canadian Death Race. I decided to take on this race as a relay team. I ran 60+km at the race, I loved it so much, I knew this was my calling. I did not know much about ultramarathons, so, I reseached, planned, trained and learned many lessons. Over the years, I have learned from each finish and DNF. All were positive. It made me a strong runner.
I am not the fastest nor I am an elite. I am my own potential and if I place first in a race, I consider it a bonus! Of course, planning, training and determination helps, for example, I was involved in a car crash in February 2016. Out of three 100 mile races I finish 2 and I placed first woman at the Halliburton 100miler in 2016.
I have ran multiple races starting at 50km to 200miles and I have done 3 self supported stage races - Fire and Ice 250km in Iceland, Grand2Grand 273 - Arizona/Uhta and Annapurna 200km in Nepal.
I will be running the Tahoe 200mile race on Sept 7, 2018.

Lastly, I never thought in my life I would be inducted into the Sudbury Sports Hall of Fame but I was in 2018. I was never involved in sports as a kid or teen. I started engaging in physical activity and sports at a late age. This proves there are no limits and no boundaries when it comes down to your goals. The only limits and boundaries are the ones we put on ourselves Listen Here

Gina Lucrezi.jpg

Gina Lucrezi

Gina’s roots stem from short distances on the track, but after a few wild jaunts on the trails she was convinced to trade in her beloved speedy flat asphalt for rugged desolate mountain terrain. Her proudest achievements include a 5th place finish at the highly competitive CCC 100k (her first 100k), completing the Western States Endurance Run (100 miles), winning a USATF 10k Trail Champion title, and being awarded a 10 time NCAA All-American while in college (including one NCAA National Title). When off the trails, Gina is working like a banshee on her online journal: Listen Here


Mary Lou Corino

My name is Marylou Corino. I am 40 years old and have been an elementary teacher for the last 14 years. I ran in elementary and highschool and occasionally in university. In 2006, I decided on a whim to run a half marathon and it was horrible. But I wasn’t done with running. I thought maybe with some guidance and proper training I could run a half much better and maybe even a marathon - a bucket list item. I signed up for a running clinic and ran my first Marathon in 2007 - I was hooked. I spent the next 3 years trying to qualify for Boston. I ran Boston in 2010/ 2011. I ran my first 2 ultras in 2010 and haven’t looked back since. I have completed 112 marathons/ ultras both on road and on trail

Most notably

-Member of the Canadian 24hr team tw

2x Badwater135 finisher

-Volstate 500km

-Hurt 100 finisher

-2 and 3 day Canadian record holder

- 1st DNF ( Hurt 100- 2017) Listen Here

michelle barton.jpg

Michelle Barton

Michelle Barton is an ultra runner from Southern California. She has been competing in ultra marathons for 15 years. She has run 80 races, including 5 overall wins. Michelle holds 24 course records. She is a Luna Sandal ambassador. Listen Here


Lizzy Hughes

Lizzy is a 22 year old ultra runner from Waterloo, Ontario. She started running in high school as a way to stay fit. At 17 she ran her first marathon. At 19 she was her first 100 mile ultra marathon. Since then she has gone on to run some of the toughest ultra marathons, including Fat Dog 120 miler, and Big Foot 200 miler. This fall Lizzy will be travelling to Utah to take on the Moab 240 mile race. Listen Here


Jenn Walker

My interest in Ultra Running started in 2009 while working in London, England as a Sports Massage Therapist. There, I treated all sorts of athletes, but my Ultra Runners were my favourite. Instead of talking about results, split times and nutritional science, we talked about “the journey”, “the lessons”, and alllll the FUN things they got to eat! I was intrigued, and so 7 years later I decide to give it a go for myself (essentially, I wanted whatever juice they were drinking), and my Ultra experience didn’t disappoint! I met some of the most fascinating people, had some of the best conversations, and rediscovered a strength in myself that I had forgotten. A strength that propelled me even off the trails to follow my dreams, quit my day job, and start my own business as a life coach. I am forever grateful for the people I met and experiences I had, and all I know is: running trails is magic!!

Instagram and Facebook @diveheartfirst Listen here

Heather - COLOR small.jpg

Heather Morgan

Heather Morgan has lived life fully immersed in the realities of disability in herself and her family, but has never really let that stop her. Among other things she uses a specially designed racing wheelchair and the assistance of able-bodied runners (especially her husband) to compete in 5K, 10K and half marathon distances. Her first triathlon will be in August.

Heather is a life coach specializing in issues relating to partnered relationships and parenting especially when those intersect with mental health, disability, trauma, gender and sexuality. Her goal is always honesty, connection and transformation - helping people discover and live into the people they were made to be.

You can find out more about Heather on her website Listen here

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Rhonda Marie Parke

Rhonda-Marie Parke is a legally blind disability sports advocate. Ten years of adventuring in running, long swimming, tandem biking and generating general havoc to the typical accepted norms of ‘sport’ have provided her with opportunities to change thinking and alter perception of ‘can’s’ and ‘can’ts’ in the world. From running the Bruce Trail end to end, to taking on the challenge of the Barkley Marathons, Rhonda-Marie has attempted to find the most difficult aspects of inaccessible sport and turn them on their heads. She also makes an awesome batch of Tada muffins, which incidentally are amazing race fuel.

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Marcy Barbaro prof portrait.jpg

Marcy Barbaro

Marcy Barbaro is a passionate writer, speaker, 500-hour yoga teacher and fitness enthusiast. She is also currently the Education Coordinator at Bliss Ann Green Yoga, a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School in Barrie, Ontario. In the past 5 years, Marcy has adopted a whole food, plant-based diet as a way of optimizing her health, and challenging traditional (and Marcy believes inaccurate) opinions around aging. If you're looking for a fun and honest perspective on raising the vibrations of the earth, and investigating our true nature, follow Marcy on IG @marcybeyourself & @marcybewrites

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Andrea Löw

Andrea Löw 44, holds a PhD in history and works at a research institute in Munich (Germany). Running is her passion and during the last years, she finished many ultraraces, some multi-stages-races included. She finished the Sahara Race in Namibia 2017, the ULtra Africa Race in Mozambique 2017 and the Ultra Asia Race in Vietnam 2018. Very soon she will be running the Gobi March in Mongolia. She writes about her running adventures in her blog www.runninghappy.deand is also writing a book about it, which will be published next spring (in German). You´ll find her on Instagram and Twitter: @alrunninghappy.

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Chantal Warriner & my beautiful girls.png

Chantal Warriner

Meet Chantal Warriner. Chantal lives in Barrie, ON. She has been a competitive athlete for two decades, now specializing in ultra trail running. She loves to run and her dedication and passion for ultra running is demonstrated through her career highlights which include 2x 100 Mile Finishes, 2017 Women's Bruce Trail FKT record, OCAA Hall of Famer, 2016 Women’s Relay Bruce Trail FKT record, and 2nd Place Oilcreek 100k finisher, to name a few. When not running, Chantal Warriner is a mother of 2 young girls, a Paramedic Logistic Supervisor and a University student. Chantal has a passion for the outdoors and is always game for a difficult challenge.


Instagram: @chantal_warriner_trail_running

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Clay Williams

Clay Williams is a 58 year old Manitoba born father of two living in Elmira Ontario with his wife of 37 years. He manages the Engineering Department of a manufacturing company in Kitchener and has worked in Northern Ontario, Germany and South Carolina. Clay’s extensive running career started by running with a friend in 2003 to “get in shape”, and progressed to running the Canal Pursuit for Mental Health, a 785 km run along two of Canada’s longest canals. Clay lost his two oldest brothers to suicide, and his wife, oldest sister and daughter all struggle with mood disorders. He has recently found his voice as an advocate for mental health awareness and education, speaking to groups and encouraging conversation about mental health.

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Melanie Boultbee

I am a trail and ultrarunner. 50Miles is my favourite distance but I also enjoy the challenges of 100Miles. I have been running for 24 years, mostly road races and switched to trail running in 2010. When I am not running, I enjoy reading, yoga, trying new beers, and cooking & baking. I am a grade 8 teacher/ coach of the cross-country and track teams at my school.

Ambassador for Endurance Tap.

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Laurie Hunt

Laurie loves running. She discovered this love in her 30’s and has not stopped running since then. She has run all over the world, and in the process completed 19 marathons and numerous shorter distances races. Five years ago, Laurie became interested in triathlon. Last year she completed her first half-iron distance, a 70.3 race at the age of 57. And age doesn’t slow her down. She continues to explore what else is possible, training and making plans for new challenges. Her most recent fascination is with long distance trail running.

Laurie has learned that taking on significant athletic and physical pursuits helps her be her best and discover more of herself in all aspects of her life. She founded The More-In-Me Movement, an initiative to get people, and especially women, moving as a way to discover what else is possible - to find their ‘more-in-me’. “We all have more in us. We have untapped internal resources that we may not even know exit. When we take on big goal or dream or athletic pursuit that moves us out of our comfort zone, we discover that we do in fact have the wherewithal to accomplish what may seem inconceivable.” Laurie combines her 25+ years of experience in leadership, coaching and mentoring along with her 25+ years as a distance runner, triathlete and yogi to inspire women to find their ‘more-in-me’.

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